Other projects…

Some other projects Matt is involved with include:

Matt Anderson / Sam Vicary / Tim Carter Trio is a collaborative band made up of Leeds-based Matt Anderson (sax), Sam Vicary (double-bass) and Tim Carter (drums), exploring their shared fascination with rhythm while also paying homage to the jazz tradition, taking inspiration from the great trios of Brad Mehldau, Avishai Cohen and Ari Hoenig.

Trio on the sofa!







Tobie Carpenter / Matt Anderson Quartet

Formed in 2010, this band spans the Birmingham, Leeds and London jazz scenes and performs original tunes by all the band-members as well as some standards.

Tobie Carpenter – Guitar; Matt Anderson – Sax; Hamish Livingstone – Double-Bass; Euan Palmer – Drums

Tobie and Matt







Tesseract is a democratically run jazz ensemble, formed in 2011, featuring the composing and playing talents of bassist Chris Hyson, saxophonist Matt Anderson, pianist Sam Leak and drummer Chris Draper.

Songs of the Ridings

Jiannis Pavlidis Quintet

Jamie Taylor Quartet

The Exchange Orchestra (Eirik Berg Svela)

The Unity Quartet (John Arnasen)

Joe Montague Quartet w/ Jiannis Pavlidis

Kate Peters Septet

Alec Robinson Quartet

Matt Roberts’ Tribute to Miles Davis / Freddie Hubbard