May tour finishes in Whighams, Edinburgh

Sunday the 27th May saw the end of the Matt Anderson Quartet tour at the Whighams jazz club in Edinburgh. It’s been a great few weeks, well worth all the hard work organising the shows, writing the music, practicing and rehearsing. Big thanks firstly to the band, Aubin Vanns, Sam Gardner and John Marley, who worked hard on the material and sounded consistently amazing throughout the tour. And secondly, to the promoters and others who gave us places to perform and helped out along the way – Steve Shaw at Pave, Chris Walker at The Lescar, Claire Turner at Matt n’ Phreds, Adrian Tilbrook and Andy and Zoe Champion at The Bridge, Sam Leak and Hannes Riepler at Charlie Wright’s, Lesley Jefferies at HEART and Kevin Dorrian and Graeme Knox at Whighams.

I’m going to post up some material from a few of the different gigs like videos, photos and audio, starting with this video from Splinter @ The Bridge, Newcastle, of us playing the Bobby Timmons classic Moanin’:

Also, check out the review of the gig from Lance Liddle on his blog, Bebop Spoken Here:

And another review, this time of the second set: